SC86 two-phase stepper motor driver

♦Pulse mode: monopulse/double-pulse/orthogonal pulse
♦Signal level: 3.3~24V compatible; series resistance not necessary for the application of PLC
♦Power voltage: 24~100V DC or 18~80V AC; 48V or 60V AC recommended

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SC86 two-phase stepper motor driver

The SC86 digital 2-phase Stepper drive is based on TI's 32-bit DSP platform and integrated with the micro-stepping technology and the auto tuning of power-up parameters. With the features of low noise, low vibration, low heating and high-speed high torque output, it is suitable for most stepper motors.

Typical application: carving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, plotter, laser, auto assembly equipment

Product Specification

Pulse mode Single/double pulse
Signal level 3.3~24V compatible,no series resistance required for PLC applications
Power supply voltage 24-100V DC or 18-80VAC,48V or 60V AC recommended
Typical Application Engraving machine,labeling machine,cutting machine,plotter,CNC machine tool,laser,automatic assembly equipment,etc
Operating voltage range 18~80VAC/24~100DC
Operating current range 2.4~7.2 A
Matching motor 57 series,86 series,and 110A12 motors
Rich control signal interface PUL&DIR,CW+CCW
Control signal interface level 3.3~24VDC
The full range offers 8 current and 16 subdivision Settings
Adaptive parameter identification,so that the motor has the best noise and performance under various voltage conditions
High reliability,providing protection functions such as overvoltage and overcurrent.


Driver function 

Driver function   Operating instructions
Microstep fine score setting SW5-SW8 Four dip switches are used to select a total of 16 micro step subdivisions.Please select the corresponding subdivision by referring to the driver panel,and ensure that the drive is not active when setting.
Output current setting SW1-SW3  Three  dip  switches  are  used  to  select  a  total  of  8  output  currents.Please  select  the corresponding current  against  the  driver  panel,and  ensure  that  the  driver  does  not  operate when  setting.
Automatic  half-current  function SW4 is used to set the automatic half-stream function of the drive.off means that the static current is set to half of the operating current,and on  means that the static current  is the same as the operating current.In general  use,SW4 should be set as off,so that the heat of the motor and the driver is reduced and the reliability is improved.About  0.4 seconds  after the  pulse train stops,the  current will  be  automatically  halved
Signal interface PUL+and  PUL-for the  positive  and  negative  ends  of the  control  pulse  signal;DIR+and  DIR-for the  positive  and negative end of the direction signal;ENA+and  ENA-for the  positive and  negative ends of the enable signal.
Motor interface A+and A-are connected to the positive and negative ends of the A-phase winding of the stepper motor;B+and B-are connected to the positive and negative ends of the B phase windings of the stepper motor.When the A and B phase windings are switched,the direction of the motor can be reversed.
Power interface  The recommended working voltage range of SC86 is 24-100V DC or 20-80V AC,and the power supply is
greater than 200W.
ndicators The drive has two indicator lights,red and green.The green light is the power indicator,and the green light blinks  when  the  driver  is  powered  on;The  red light  is  the  fault  indicator,when  there  is  overvoltage, overcurrent  fault,the  fault   light   blinks.After  the  fault   is   cleared,the   red   light  turns   off.When  the   drive fails,the fault  can  only  be  cleared  by  re-powering  and  re-enabling  it.


Powersupply and motor wiring instructions

Features Symbols Definitions Remarks
Power input   V+ Dc power supply Power supply range 18~80VAC/24~100DC
  V positive DC power
supply negative
Motor wiring   A+ Stepper motorA phase winding Arbitrarily adjust the A phase,or B phase winding connection,you can change
the motor running direction.Please refer to the two-phase stepper motor
wiring analysis for different motor winding wiring methods.
  B+ Step motor B phase winding


Control signal wiring instructions

Symbol Definition Remarks
PUL+ Pulse signal positive By default, in the PUL+DIR command mode, it is used to control the speed and stroke of the motor; in the CW+CCW mode, it is used to control the speed and stroke of the motor's forward rotation; in the A/B quadrature mode, it is connected to the A phase of the quadrature signal.
PUL- Pulse signal negative pole
DIR+ direction signal positive By default, in PUL+DIR command mode, it is used to control the running direction of the motor; in CW+CCW mode, it is used to control the speed and stroke of motor reverse rotation; in A/B quadrature mode, it is connected to the B phase of the quadrature signal.
DIR- Direction signal negative pole
ENA+ Enable signal positive In the default setting, the internal optocoupler is not turned on, the driver is in the enabled state, and the driver responds to the above PUL and DIR signals; the input signal causes the internal optocoupler to be turned on, the driver is in the disabled state, and the motor is in the free state. The enabling logic can be modified according to customer needs.
ENA- Enable signal negative pole


SCH-R86 Connections

SC86 Connections


Product Dimensions

R86 Dimensions



Can we accept samples customized?

No problem for samples order, and welcome your testing before your big order.


OEM and ODM are available?

Yes, we accept customized products


Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities?

Yes, Cheaper prices with bigger size orders, please contact us and we will give you a quatation.

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