Inductive Proximity Switch Sensor

♦Output current: 300mA

♦3 Wire Polarity: NPN

♦Dimention: M12x10x55mm

♦Detection Distance: 4 mm

♦Ouput Status: Normally Open

♦Detection objects: Conductor


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LJ12A3-4-Z/BX series And LJ18A3-8-Z/BX series Inductive Proximity Sensor

The switch contains high-frequency oscillation circuit, detection circuit, amplifier circuit, the solution circuit and the output circuit. When the power is supplied to the switch, the oscillator in the high frequency oscillation circuit generates an alternating electromagnetic field on the detection surface of the switch.Oscillator energy changes in the two states, the detection circuit is converted to a level signal, through the amplifier circuit to amplify the level signal after the trigger circuit to trigger the output transistor transistor circuit to produce a switch signal. Thereby detecting the presence or absence of the metal.

Product Parameters:

Lag distance:  detection distance of 10% or less
Detection of objects:  metal body
Power supply voltage:  DC type:DC12-24V (6-36V) Pulsation (P-P) 10% or less, AC type: AC110V-250V 50 / 60HZ
Current consumption: NPN PNP type 13MA or less
Control output: DC type: 300MA or less, AC type: 400MA or less
Self-protection: DC type: power supply wrong protection, surge absorption protection, load short circuit protection.
Use of the environment: Temperature: -30 degrees to 70 degrees (no ice without cream -30% RH - 95% RH)
Insulation resistance: 50 megohm (DC500 megohm table) between the charging part and the shell
Withstand voltage: AC1000V 50 / 60HZ 1min between the charging part and the shell
Temperature effects: temperature range -30 degrees to 65 degrees. 23 degrees, plus or minus 15% within the detection distance; Temperature range: -25 ~ 60 degrees, 23 degrees, plus or minus 10% within the detection distance
Voltage effect: rated power supply voltage range plus or minus 15%, the switch detection distance of positive and negative 10%; power supply voltage exceeds the rated voltage plus or minus 15% will open when the damage
Design structure: IP67 (IEC specification)
Material: Metal parts: brass, plastic parts: PBT
NPN: refers to the sensor signal output level signal: low (negative), common positive
PNP: only sensor signal line output level signal: high (positive), total negative
DC VDC: When the sensor indicates that the power supply for the VDC, it is strongly recommended to use switching power supply.
AC VAC: When the sensor is marked for VAC, it can be used within the indicated AC voltage range
Normally open (NO): refers to when the switch is detected when the output of a signal, no detection is not output
Normally closed (NC): refers to when the switch is not detected when the output is not detected when not output a signal
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