A frequency inverter is an electronic device which enables the conversion of an electrical variable 'current'. In this case, the frequency inverter transforms an AC current with a certain (fixed) frequency into a voltage with variable amplitude and frequency. In short, this results in a voltage conversion.We provide a variety of automation products and services. If you don't see the product you want, you can provide us with drawings or pictures, and we will also select a model for you. Thank you!

  • E600 Series inverter
    SCH600 Smart inverter
    Power ratings: 0.2kw-5.5kw • Best performance/cost ratio, without compromise in reliability and quality • Compact design, easy to integrate in your environment: DIN rail mounting, contactor-style I/0 Easy to setup: Simple set of optimized parameters for all basic functions and applications • PID and HVAC functions - safety integrated - MODBUS - open for networking • Internal EMC filter as standard: Ready for CE market • Economical mass production on high automated and dedicated SMT lines • General purpose drive - made for the worldwide market (CE/UL/CCC) • Approved and certified by European independent bodies • Built-in STO Function (only available for frame Q2)
  • E2100 Series inverter
    SCH2100 Frequency inverter
    ♦SENSORLESS VECTOR, CLV and permanent magnet synchronous motor control PMSM ♦Intelligent AUTOTUNING functions for easy setup ♦Compact in size, modular in concept, rugged construction, build for the worldwide market ♦Flexible inverter control, dual high resolution analogue inputs, free mapping for all I/O channels ♦Ready for all commonly used fieldbus systems ♦Universal parameter-set for all kind of industrial and residential applications, including integrated ♦PID/ controller routines ♦Smart PC-tools for inverter control, parametrization and troubleshooting ♦Parameter-duplication stick ♦EMC fi lter(C3 class) integrated.optional C1 footprint fi lter. ♦Approved and certified for worldwide standards, by independent bodies.
  • MAX500 220v 380v vfd variador de frecuencia
    SCH-AX500 series frequency inverter
    ♦Meet the needs of different process-es, adjust the motor speed in onebuilding,save commission time. ♦Automatically detecting the load cur-rent and adjusting the output voltage.exerts a good energy-saving effect.re-duce the energy cost. ♦High torque control in low frequency0.5Hz/150%SVC), and 0Hz/200%(FVC)real vector control with three hall sensorcurrent detecting,output frequency up to3200hz,support PID control. ♦Complete motor protection for exam-ple,over-voltage stall, under-voltage,current limit, overload, overheat, overspeed, overvoltage,etc......
  • MAX500-PV inverter
    SCH-AX500-PV Solar pump inverter
    ♦ Advanced Syn.R.M. and PMSM Driving Technology;♦Wide-range and High Efficiency MPPT Technology;♦ Various Specific Functions for Solar Pumping;♦Intelligent IOT;♦ Functional Monitoring Software; 6. Flexible and Various Installation;
  • SCH-EM30 Frequency converter
    SCH-M30 IP67 high protection level special frequency converter
    ♦ High-tech motor control concept, based on advanced DSP-technology V/Hz, SENSORLESS VECTOR, PMM synchronous motor mode - SPEED/TORQUE control Intelligent AUTOTUNING functions for easy set-up ♦  Rugged construction, all metal enclosure, thermally decoupled from motor, IP67/NEMA4, shock proof (4G) ♦  Flexible configurable man/machine interface - fieldbus capability ♦ Numerous functions, to make it suitable for all kind of industrial and residential applications, and for retrofit as well ♦  Smart PC-tools, for inverter control, parametrization and troubleshooting. Parameter-duplication stick
  • SCH3000 serie non-inductive vector inverter
    SCH3000 series general purpose frequency inverter
    ♦Sensorless vector control with the best low frequency compensation ability ♦Designed with special radiator tree and switch power, all of such kinds of new technologies improve the performance ♦Several protective technologies and new component have been applied to the circuit, notably improve the anti-interference ability ♦Realize the preset frequency, or central frequency adjustable swing frequency function ♦Several phases speed operation controlled by build-in PLC or controlling terminal ♦Modulation Mode: space vector pulse width modulation SVPWM ♦Automatic energy saving operation: automatically optimize V/F curve to save the energy ♦Switch input channel: positive and reversal rotation control, 8 channel program switch input, 35 kinds of function ♦Strong overload performance: 150% rated current for 1 minute, 180% rated current for 3 seconds ♦Communication function: RS485 standard communication interface, support ASCII and RTU format MODBUS communication protocol    
  • SHC9000 series vector control inverter
    SCH9000 series vector control inverter
    ♦ the standard configuration 485 communication port, support PG card extension.♦support the background software download and upload monitoring device parameter.♦ with all kinds of protection and rich way of fault handling, can choose according to the fault level protection.♦ with functions of advocate complementary frequency source superposition.♦the built-in PID, 16 segment speed.The pendulum frequency, etc.

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