Laser Optical proximity sensor photoelectric sensor

1. Laser on the radio photoelectric switch performance and stability, fast response, impact resistance, vibration resistance,

small interference, long life

2. Laser detection of shooting distance, high accuracy

3. Visible laser beam debugging convenience

4. Straight beam can detect tiny objects

5. Can detect different objects, such as glass iron plastic wood liquid

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Laser Optical proximity sensor photoelectric sensor
Photoelectric Switch control by infrared ray, as a approach sensor, including a transmitter and receiver within.A retroreflective arrangement places the transmitter and receiver at the same location and uses a reflector to bounce the light beam back from the transmitter to the receiver.An object is sensed when the beam is interrupted and fails to reach the receiver. Can be applied in security system, manufacturing industry.
Technical Specification
Product name Laser Sensor
Size 12mm/18mm/Others
Type DC, NPN PNP (3 wires) / AC (3 wires/2 wires)
Output status NO / NC / NO+NC
Standard detection object Transparent/Opaque Object
Material Brass Nickel + ABS
Supply voltage DC 10-30V / AC 5-220V
Is_Customized Yes
Application Industrial Automation
What You Get 1 * Laser Sensor
12mm, Diffuse type, DC 10-30V, NPN, NO
Product Display
Photoelectric switch M18 series
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