• SCH-WD2
    SCH-WD2X Small aluminum alloy foot switch
    The cablelead-out part is set toincreexse lhe caale lock.The lead-out part of tne cable wllnot be Falure due to weer. The contacts are plated wth 24K gold.Pass CE UL.C-ULLoad capacity10A 250VAC30DC Tne surface of the shell is baked withplslic ireaiment, which is resistant toeruironmen, ahresin and sgng Improwe the size of the bottom platesin.cture and increese the botimNon-slp nbber pad area, producedc.mng operston The prod.ct isnot eesy to slde, and is not eesyto tl on its side.
  • SCH-W7
    ♦The reed switch is dedicated to signal control. ♦Watemproof micro switch-protection grade can reach lP67. ♦Multiple interface options: audio, serial port, USB, aviation plug, etc. ♦Built-in V15F-01C instantaneous micro switch, obtained UL, c-UL, VDE, CE certification, The contacts are plated with 24K gold with large load capacity and high contact reliability. ♦Standard configuration RVB 0.5mm2X2-core parallel parallel x 2m (light gray) cable.
  • JH-ZD3
    SCH-ZD3 Top protective foot switch
    ♦Foot switch 6.3 audio plug, DB serial plug, USB plug can be customized if needed; ♦Waterproof foot switch can be customized; ♦The cable is not standard and must be purchased separately.

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