Differential Pressure Level Sensor

•Single Crystal Silicon differential pressure transmitter,support OEM and ODM,recommend you the most suitable sensor

•Double beam suspended structure design hassuper -pressure performance and excellent stability

•Automatic temperaturecompensation solve the phenomenon of temperaturedrift of sensors

•Full isolation circuit technology enhance stability,anti -interference


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Differential Pressure Level Sensor

Differential Pressure Level Sensor Pressure Transmitter for Water Gas Oil

Product features: 

     ● Single crystal silicon sensor chip                               

     ● LCD digital display with backlight

     ● Smart HART Protocol                                                 

     ● Flexible range compression

     ● Excellent overvoltage performance in small range

     ● Intelligent static pressure and temperature compensation

Technical Parameters

 Measuring range  -40…400kPa   -3…3MPa
 Signal output  4~20mA HART protocol
 Signal Line Specifications  2Wire
 Comprehensive accuracy  ±0.075%FS
 Long term stability  0.1% range upper limit/10 years
 Temperature compensation  -20~+65℃
 Operating temperature  -20~+65℃
 Storage temperature  -40~+100℃
 Destruction pressure  Bilateral static pressure: 25MPa
 Protection class  IP66
 Contact medium material  316 stainless steel
 Electrical connections  Cable entry
 Supply voltage  General scope:10.5~45VDC    Intrinsically safe explosion-proof:10.5~26VDC
 Overload pressure  -40…40kPa(One side 3MPa)     -400…400kPa(One side 8MPa)
 Pressure port  1/4-18NPT


 Product Display

Capacitance Pressure Transducer



Can you produce according to the samples or drawings?

Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds .


Can you accept OEM service ?

Yes, we can put your company information and logo on our sensors.


How to solve the quality problems after sales?

Take photos or videos of the problems and send to us.

We will make a satisfied solution for you within 24 hours after we confirm the problems.

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