Schwahr 80 servo motor set

♦Stable performance and fast response

♦Advanced heat dissipation design process

♦Applicable to various automation equipment


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80 servo motor set

110 220V Servo Motor Kit With Magnetic 17bit Absolute Encoder + T3D 15A Driver For CNC Engraver

Technical Specification

Servo Motor With Magnetic 17bit Absolute Encoder
Servo Motor Model Motor Flange   RS485
cable length
Brake Motor Shaft
60AST-A1C01330 Nema2460mmx60mm
(mounting hole distance
400w Support Support(3-15meter) Optional 14mm
With 5mm Key
60AST-A1C01930 600w
80AST-A1C02430 Nema3280mmx80mm
(mounting hole distance
750w 19mm
With 6mm Key
80AST-A1C04025 1000w


Technical Specifications
Rated Voltage ( V) 220 220 220 220
Rated Power ( W) 400 600 750 1000
Rotor pole pairs ( P ) 5 5 5 5
Rated Torque ( Nm ) 1.27 1.91 2.4 3.8
Instantaneous max torque (Nm ) 3.82 5.73 7.2 11.4
Rated Speed / Max Speed (rpm) 3000/6000 3000/6000 3000/5000 2500/3000
Rated Current ( A ) 2.8±10% 4±10% 4.8±10%
Instantaneous Max Current (A ) 8.4±10% 12±10% 14.4±10%
Moment Coefficient (Nm/A ) 0.42±10% 0.54±10% 0.5±10% 0.93±10%
Back EMF Coefficient ( X10 V/rpm) 27.5±10% 32.5±% 33.2±10% 56±10%
Resistance (Ω ) 3±10% ( 20℃ ) 3.2± 10%(20 ℃) 1.6 ± 10%(20 ℃) 3±10%(20℃)
Inductance ( mH) 7.8±20% ( 20℃ ) 8.4±20% ( 20℃) 9.5±20% (20℃) 19±20% (20℃)
Moment of inertia ( X10V/rpm ) 0.68 [0.73] ± 10% 0.82[1.7] ± 10% 1.72 [1.77]± 10% 2.4[2.45]±10%
Max radial load ( N ) 245 392
Max axial load ( N ) 74 147
Weight ( KG) 1.22 [1.65]± 10% 1.4[1.7]±10% 2.2[3]±10% 2.71[3.36]±10%
Encoder Resolution 10000ppr
Protection Structure IP65
Insulation class F
Insulation Resistance More than 20m Ω DC500V
Insulation Withstand voltage AC 1500V 1minutes
Vibration Level Rated A for operation
Turn Around Forward turn command,viewed from load sid, counterclockwise (CCW)
Surroundings Temperature -20℃ ~ 40 ℃, humidity 20% ~ 80% RH ( no condensation ) , altitude below 1000
Temperature - 20℃ ~ 60℃, (no freezing) humidity 20% ~ 80% RH (no condensation)
Impact Strength 98m/S ²
Vibration Resistance 49m/S ²


Power 400w 600w 750w 1000w
Rated Voltage DC (V) 24±10%
Rated Power (W) 0.3 0.56
Insulation Class F
Static Torque (Nm) ≥1.5 ≥2 ≥4
Insulation Resistance (MΩ ) >500
Resistant to high voltage 1500V/1S/5mA
Rotary Clearance ≤0.5
Operating Ambient Temperature -10~+40
Attract Time ≤50 ≤60
Release Time ≤20
Attract Voltage ≤19.2
The release of the voltage >1.5
Running noise <60


Product Display


♦1* 400W 60AST-A1C01330 Servo Motor ( 17 bit absolute )/1* 600W 60AST-A1C01930 Servo Motor 

♦1* T3D-L15A AC Driver (no fans)

♦1* 3Meter Encoder Cable + Power Cable

♦1* Control Signal Cable

♦2* 2K 1/4W resistance

♦1*RS485 Cable

60AST AC Servo Motor Driver size

400W AC Servo Motor motor size

600W  Servo Motor motor size

750W  Servo Motor motor size


 Servo Motor motor lead line definition


Symbol Name Function
POW Power  Light The decimal point of the second digital bube from the left lights up to indicate that the servo is under voltage
RUN Runing light The decinal point of the first digital tube from the left lights up to indicate that the servo is enabled
Add key Increase the serial number of value, long press has repeat effect
 Decrease Key Decrease the serial number of value,long preass haas repeat effect
Exit Key Menu exit, operation cancelled,
SET Enter  Menu Entry,parameter modification confirmation or operation confirmation

60AST AC Servo Motor Driver Wiring instructions

Common parameters:

P-036 is changed to 1 (reverse direction) 0 (positive direction) motor direction conversion parameter. The default is 1 reverse direction

P-029 (electronic gear ratio numerator) is 1 by default, the higher the value, the faster the speed

(The above parameters are general setting parameters. If you need to modify other parameters, please refer to the manual or contact the technical/sales personnel)

The following parameters are rigid adjustment parameters. No adjustment is needed if the equipment is OK

P-005 (Speed ring rigidity)

P-009 (Position ring rigidity)

P-006 (generally, the maximum setting is about 100)

P-019 (generally, the maximum setting is about 300)


The specific adjustment of rigid parameters depends on the transmission structure and load of the equipment. Contact the after-sales service personnel for specific questions.



Can you produce according to the samples or drawings?

Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.


What is the lead time?

For standard models, lead time is about 3~5 days after order confirmed and payment received.

For OEM orders, the delivery is about 2~3 weeks after data confirmed and payment received.


How to solve the quality problems after sales?

Take photos or videos of the problems and send to us.

We will make a satisfied solution for you within 24 hours after we confirm the problems.

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Schwahr 80 servo motor set
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