SC110PLUS two-phase stepper driver

♦Pulse mode: monopulse/double-pulse/orthogonal pulse
♦Signal level: 3.3~24V compatible; series resistance not necessary for the application of PLC
♦Power voltage: 110-230V AC;220V AC recommended


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SC110PLUS two-phase stepper driver

The SC110PLUS digital 2-phase Stepper drive is based on TI's 32-bit DSP platform and integrated with the micro-stepping technology and the auto tuning of power-up parameters. With the features of low noise, low vibration, low heating and high-speed high torque output, it is suitable for most stepper motors.

Typical application: carving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, plotter, laser, auto assembly equipment

Product Specification

♦Working voltage: 110~220VAC

♦Communication method: USB toCOM

♦Maximum phase current output: 7.2A/phase (sinusoidal peak)

♦PUL+DIR/CW+CCW pulse mode optional

♦Phase loss alarm function

♦semi-stream function

♦Digital IO port:

    3-channel photoelectrically isolated digital signal inputs, high level can directly receive 24V DC level;

    1-channel photoelectrically isolated digital signal output, maximum withstand voltage 30V, maximum sink or pull current 50mA.

    8 levels of user-definable current

♦16 levels of user-definable subdivision, supporting any resolution within the range of 200~65535

♦IO control mode, supports 16-speed speed customization

♦Input port and output port are programmable

Application Environment Requirements

ltems SC110-PLUS
installation environment Avoid dust, oil and corrosive environment
Vibration 0.5G(4.9m/s2) Max
Use temperature/humidity 0°C to 45 °C/below 90%RH (no condensation)
Storage and transportation temperature -10°C to 70°C
Cooling method Cool naturally/away from heat sources
Waterproof rating IP54


SC110PLUS Connections



Product Dimensions

R110PLUS Dimensions


  Common problems and  countermeasures
Phenomena Possible situation Solutions
  Motor not turning The power light does not work Check the power supply circuit for normal power supply
The motor locks the shaft but does not turn The pulse signal is weak and the signal current is increased to 7-16mA
Too little speed Pick the right subdivision
Drive protected Power back on
Enable the signal problem Pull the enable signal high or not
Incorrect command pulse Check the upper computer for pulse output
Motor steering error Motor steering in reverse Change the motor wiring sequence or adjust the direction of instructions
There is a break in the motor line Check the wires for poor contact
The motor has only one direction Pulse mode is wrong or DIR port is damaged
Alarm indicator light Motor wire is incorrectly connected Check the wiring
Voltage is too high or too low Check the power supply
Damaged motor or drive Replace the motor or drive
Wrong location or speed Signal interference Eliminate interference and ground reliably
Incorrect command input Check the upper computer instructions to ensure the correct output
The pulse per revolution is set Check dip switch status and connect correctly
Motor drop ster Check whether the command speed is too large and the motor selection is small
The driver terminal is burned out Short circuit between terminals Check the power supply polarity or external short circuit
There is too much internal Check whether excess solder has been added to the wire and wire connection
resistance between terminals to form tin clumps
  Motor gridlock The acceleration and deceleration Reduce the command acceleration or increase the driver filter parameter
time is too short
Too little motor torque Choose a high-torque motor
Heavy load Check the weight and quality of the load and adjust the mechanical structure
Too little current Check the dip switch to increase the drive output current



Can we accept samples customized?

No problem for samples order, and welcome your testing before your big order.


OEM and ODM are available?

Yes, we accept customized products


Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities?

Yes, Cheaper prices with bigger size orders, please contact us and we will give you a quatation.

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