Sharing of application cases of Schwahr in the elevator industry

May 27, 2024

At present, my country's construction industry is developing in full swing, and more and more high-rise buildings are being built. With the increase in high-rise buildings, it is becoming more and more widely used. Elevator faults are an important factor affecting the safe operation of elevators. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and discuss the electrical faults of elevators to find out the causes of the faults and adopt targeted solutions and maintenance methods to promote the safe operation of elevators.

Introduce you to various process solution cases in the elevator industry.

Elevator troubleshooting

Simply improving the circuit can prevent forced switching to normal operation mode due to power outage.

As long-term and durable public equipment, elevators should take into account the possibility of natural disasters or power outages and other emergencies.

Rebuilding the electrical system requires very complex circuit design, which takes too much time and effort. Therefore, we propose to use the SCH relay product which is simple in structure but can be constructed safely. Unlike ordinary relays, it uses a coil of 2 permanent magnets. Energizing one of the coils switches to the inspection operation mode, and energizing the other coil switches to the normal operation mode.

During maintenance, the relevant tips for moving the bridge compartment are provided to ensure safety.

As a countermeasure to the requirements of the above safety standards, indicator lights, buzzers, etc. are prepared. They can not only emit light and sound, but also have built-in flashing circuits. You only need to prepare a φ22 mounting hole under the car to install the lighting warning buzzer, and you can respond. New safety standards. Moreover, since the protection level is IP65 and has waterproof performance, emergency elevators that require waterproofing can also be directly installed and used. With no added cost, time or effort, any elevator can be made safe simply and easily.

Elevator power outage troubleshooting

Enhance elevator safety

From the single button switch to the entire control box, it complies with the new safety standards

Wenzhou Jinhong Electric Co., Ltd. has extensive experience in machinery safety and can make suggestions for new control boxes from a machinery safety perspective. For customers, Wenzhou Jinhong Electric Co., Ltd. can carry out a series of management including development, manufacturing and quality management of emergency stop switches, push button switches, selector switches, control boxes, etc., and at the same time, combine the above to propose control boxes that correspond to safety standards. The recommendations are the highlights.


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