Application in Grinder Production Line

Dec 22, 2023
Application in Grinder Production Line
▲ Introduction of Grinder Production Line
With the transformation of traditional industry technical, the automatic change of factory automation and the fast
development of enterprise information, the requirements of industrial automation system continue increase. In
additional, as the overall cost of industrial labor cost is rising, the process of the “machine replace worker” is
advancing. The automatic grinding machine production line with the function of automatic feeding provides the
equipment foundation for the production mechanism reform of "reducing staff and increasing efficiency" in
sawblade industry
application of plcapplication of plc
▲ Technological Flow
One mechanical hand feed two grinding machines at the same time. During the process of it, system realize
cleaning, turning, measuring, sorting and other processes. The equipment has three servo shafts, one stepping
shaft and controls one three asynchronous motors and seven cylinders through the output of the switch. Each
action is carried out in a predetermined sequence to realize simultaneous processing of two grinding machines,
reduce stopping time, improve work efficiency and reduce manpower consumption.
▲ Allocation Plan
The equipment is divided into three parts, two grinding machines and one trussed manipulator, and there are
three control systems in total. The two grinding machine control systems are respectively connected with the
control system of the manipulator, and the connection mode is relay switch signal and 485 bus type
communication, and double connection is used to guarantee the equipment reliability.
Control system adopts the H series high-performance engine H60S2T and man-machine interface,
grinding machine man-machine interface to set parameters, the machining process manipulator with
man-machine interface to set operation processes, and displays the current position, and through the
RS485(Modbus) share the measurement data information to the corresponding grinding machine, so that
grinding machine for purpose of processing, implementation artifacts one-time processing molding.
▲ Plan Advantage
1.  Schwahr adopts removable terminals for PLC to avoid trouble during replacement.
2. The programming style adopts the network style, which is clear, easy to make notes and highly readable.
3. The instruction is modular, each register can be displayed in the same screen, which is easy to monitor and
debug. It brings great convenience to the debugging process.
4. The input wide voltage design saves the cost of the transformer. Without the isolation transformer, the PLC
can work steadily

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