Application of Schwahr robot in automatic loading and unloading of CNC lathes

Jan 24, 2022

In the traditional manufacturing process, manual labor is almost always used for loading and unloading machine tools. This primitive operation method has disadvantages such as high labor intensity and difficulty in balancing output and quality. In the environment of "replacing machines with people", more and more mechanical processing companies are using robots for loading and unloading materials, reducing labor costs, while increasing output and quality, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

The biggest advantage of articulated robots is that they are highly complementary and are not limited by the structure of machine tools. They can be used to complete loading and unloading of processes such as drilling, finishing, dynamic balancing, boring and grinding, oil removal, inspection and stamping.

A domestic company specializes in processing shaft products and provides supporting services to large enterprises across the country. It recently commissioned an integrator in Nanjing to automate its original loading and unloading processes.

By using the Schwahr four-axis SCARA robot, the automatic connection of CNC lathes for loading and unloading has been realized. The operating efficiency of the shaft production line has increased by 40%, saving 80% of labor costs, while improving product stability and cleanliness.

Robot arm use cases

Project implementation

After receiving the project, the integrator first reviewed and improved the project, then used the resources of the platform's R&D team to form an online project team, and then formulated a preliminary design plan and carried out planning. With good communication, rich R&D and design experience, and efficient and highly matched process flow solutions, we quickly gained the customer's trust and quickly entered the project implementation stage.


Installed a robot automated production line, increasing the average daily output from 1,600 pieces/day to 2,500 pieces/day.


The Schwahr SCARA robot is used to complete automatic loading and unloading, and the assembly line automatically transports workpieces. The SCARA robot control system is used to realize signal interaction between the robot and the CNC machine tool; the company's independently developed and designed clamping claws are used to grab materials; multiple robots are used to share the assembly line technology to meet the needs of Production requirements.

Project implementation effect

1. Labor costs are reduced, from the original 8 people to 2 people, and the original operators are changed into inspectors and administrators;

2. Improve production efficiency, compared with manual production efficiency, it has increased by 40%;

3. Improve product quality. Workpieces are transported by the assembly line, which greatly reduces the risk of workpieces being out of sequence and confusing.


4. Intelligent production, with monitoring and alarm functions such as intelligent identification of production line processing misalignment and quality control.


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