Plastic Machinery Industry Application

Dec 22, 2023

                                           PLASTIC MACHINERY INDUSTRY APPLICATION

Plastic extruders use more temperature control tables, and machines with small extrusions are single-screw extrusions. Most of the output is large or the speed required is twin-screw extrusion. The temperature control system plays an important role in the screw extruder. The temperature control is stable and accurate, which is very important for the production efficiency of the equipment. Especially in the twin-screw extrusion, a large amount of heat is generated due to the internal high-speed rotary friction, and there is external heating. After the heat of the circle, the plastic particles sent from the hopper are quickly sent into the barrel, the temperature inside the barrel changes rapidly, and the temperature controller needs to be fast enough to respond quickly, and the PID control algorithm is accurate to meet the working requirements of the equipment.Application of temperature controller in plastic machinery industry

Our company's intelligent fuzzy PID algorithm (FUZZY) has heating-cooling control. The control heating output is fast, the cooling output is timely, and the optimized self-tuning algorithm is about 40-50% faster than the common domestic and international mainstream temperature control table setting time, and the temperature stabilization time is about 20% faster. Control temperature stability is better than domestic similar brands, reaching or surpassing foreign mainstream brands. At present, the temperature control table using this new PID algorithm has been installed in more than 100,000 instruments in various industries, and has been widely praised by users, which proves the market's recognition of this algorithm.Application of temperature controller in plastic machinery industry

The counter receives the length signal on the production line through the rotary encoder, and displays the length of the pipe on the production line. When the measured length reaches the set value, the counter outputs a control signal to the cutter, and the cutter cuts the pipe to complete the length counting.Application of temperature controller in plastic machinery industry

The digital display meter receives the analog signal output from the inverter, converts the display motor speed or the working current of the motor, and gives the worker the status of the relevant equipment parameters on the production line.Application of temperature controller in plastic machinery industry


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