E3Z series photoelectric switch series

♦Visible LASER light for precision positioning and small object detection

♦High power LED for long range precision

♦Class 1 LASER

♦Precise background suppression and low black/white error for accurate detection

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    E3Z Series
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E3Z series photoelectric switch series

The E3Z LASER sensor in compact plastic housing features visible LASER light for precision positioning and detection applications.

Technical Specification

Parameters E3Z-D61 E3Z-D62 E3Z-D81 E3Z-D82 E3Z-T61
Sensing Distance 3-20CM 5-50CM 3-20CM 5-50CM 20-350CM
Parameters E3Z-R61 E3Z-R81 E3Z-LS61 E3Z-LS63 E3Z-T81
Sensing Distance 20-200CM 20-200CM 1-30CM 1-5CM 20-350CM
Reflective Form diffuse reflective
Action State Switchable "L" NO, "D" NC
Input Voltage DC 12-24V
Line Number DC 3-wire (brown positive blue negative black signal wire)
Pointing Angle Projection angle 3-5°
Detection Distance Non-transparent objects over 1MM
Light Source (Wavelength) Infrared luminescence (950)
Output Current 300MA
Current Consumption/H Below 1.5
Circuit Protection Reverse connection protection   Short circuit protection   Surge protection
Response Time 2Ms
Sensitivity Adjustment tail section regulator
Ambient Illumination Subject to light surface illumination incandescent lamps affect distance attenuation
Ambient Temperature Range When working: -25°C~80°C    When saving: -40°C~80°C
Ambient  Humidity Range When working: 35%~80%    When saving: 35%~95%
Electrical Insulation Resistance 200MΩ
Protective Structure IEC specification IP57
Strongly Affect 110~55HZ double amplitude 1.55MM,Z,X each direction 2H
Link Method Lead-in type (line length 2 m)
Material Housing: ABS    Lens: Methacrylate    Knob: POM    Cable: PVC


Precautions for detection distance

1.The product cannot be used at the moment of power on (within 100ms)

2.Surge protection:when the inductive switch is used near the place with surge interference (such as welding operation of elec-tric welding machine)Please add surge absorber

3.When connected with high current load (such as bulb and motor),the initial resistance will decrease due to current impactWhen the current increases

4.The induction switch cannot use the autotransformer for power supply,but should use the isolation transformer

5.The connecting wire ofinductive switch shall be as short as possible to reduce noise interference 6.AC/DC two-wire inductiveswitch/The power line shall not be directly connected to the power supply,and the load must be connected in series otherwisethe inductive switch will be damaged

Product Display

Photoelectric photo sensor switch 1

Photoelectric photo sensor switch illustrate

Photoelectric photo sensor switch illustrate 3

Photoelectric photo sensor switch illustrate 4

Photoelectric photo sensor switch illustrate 6

Photoelectric photo sensor switch illustrate 5


Can you produce according to the samples or drawings?

Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds 


What is the lead time?

For standard models, lead time is about 3~5 days after order confirmed and payment received.

For OEM orders, the delivery is about 2~3 weeks after data confirmed and payment received.



Usually it's a minimum order. If you need more, we can negotiate a discount price.


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We can help our customers to buy other kind of goods in china. We can help our customers to collect products from other suppliers,and send them together for saving shipping charge.

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