Tension and straightening machine production line

Apr 27, 2019

Tension and straightening unit process flow

After the cold-rolled raw plate coils are leveled by the leveling machine, they are lifted by the overhead crane to the saddle in front of the decoiler. The steel coil is positioned behind the uncoiler drum, the outer support rises, and the uncoiler drum begins to open, tightening the inner diameter of the steel coil, and at the same time, the pressure roller compresses the steel coil. Then, the drum and pressure roller of the uncoiler start to rotate, and the strip head is sent to the pinch roller through the threading table. The strip after cutting is sent to the C-shaped narrow tower welding machine to be welded with the tail of the previous roll of strip.

After the welding is completed, the unit starts running, and the strip passes through the 1# tension roller and enters the tension leveler at the normal production speed of the unit. The tension bending straightening machine is a two-bend and two-straightening type. A set of 4-roller tension rollers are installed at the entrance and exit of the tensioning and straightening machine, so that the strip steel enters the straightening machine with a certain tension. After the strip passes through the stretch bending straightening machine, it enters the double-roller correction device to center the strip during the process. This process section is called the process section.

After the strip leaves the double-roller correction device, it passes through the horizontal inspection platform for surface inspection of the strip. Then it is sheared by the trimming disk. The waste edge is taken up by the waste edge coiler. The trimmed strip passes through the burr roller. After pressing the burrs, it enters the electrostatic oiling machine for oiling, enters the outlet shear, and enters the coiler through the steering pinch roller. This section is called the exit section.Tension and straightening machine production line

Technical performance of tension and straightening equipment

The coils produced by the tension leveling line are made of low carbon steel such as Q195F, SPCC, 08F, Q215, Q195LD, 16MN, and SPCD.

Mechanical properties of the strip:



    Coil outer dimensions φ900—φ1800mm

    Roll weight <20 tons

Some technical parameters of the tension and straightening line:

    Unit linear speed: 30-240m/min

    Threading speed: 30m/min

    Unwinding tension: 10KN

    Coiling tension: 10KN

    Elongation: 0.5-3%

     Annual output of unit: 100,000 tons

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