SCH-AX500-PV Solar pump inverter

♦ Advanced Syn.R.M. and PMSM Driving Technology;
♦Wide-range and High Efficiency MPPT Technology;
♦ Various Specific Functions for Solar Pumping;
♦Intelligent IOT;
♦ Functional Monitoring Software;
6. Flexible and Various Installation;

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Solar pump inverter AX500-PV

solar pump inverter auto MPPT value more than 99% and it is  automatic running no need set any parameters.

It can automatically stop the pump when the tank is full and automatically stop pump when there have no water inside the well.

With over-voltage ,under-voltage, current limit, overload, overheat, over speed, over-voltage,short circuit protections ,life time more than 8 years.

Technical Specification

Maximum input voltage (Voc) 800 VDC 800 VDC
Minimum input voltage 400VDC 180 VDC
Recommended voltage DC (VMPP) 550 -620 VDC 280-750 VDC
Nominal input voltage AC 3ph 380-480 V, 50/60 Hz 3ph 200-240V, 50/60 Hz
Nominal output voltage AC 3ph 400 V 3ph 200 V
Output frequency 0-400 Hz
Efficiency(inverter) 97 -98%
Ambient temperature range -10 to 50°C
Cooling Natural /by means of internal fan
Recommended input power 1.2 times the pump capacity (minimum)
Warranty 2 years
Output rector optional(same power as inverter
power,for distance over 70 m)
Model Reference 
Maximizing pump delivery with Dual supplySolar pump drive
Maximizing pump delivery with Dual supplySolar pump drive
Model Power Range
Model Reaged
MPPT  Voltage
Adaptable Motor Product Photo
(KW) VDC) (A)
Waltage KW HP
SCH-AX500-PV-10R7 0.75 300V-750V 5A 220V 0.75 1 48v Mppt Solar Inverter
SCH-AX500-PV-11R5 1.5 300V-750V 7A 220V 1.5 2
SCH-AX500-PV-1002 2.2 300V-750V 11A 220V 2.2 3
SCH-AX500-PV-1004 4 300V-750V 17A 220V 3.7 5
SCH-AX500-PV-1005 5.5 300V-750V 25A 220V 5.5 7.5
SCH-AX500-PV-1007 7.5 300V-750V 32A 220V 7.5 10
SCH-AX500-PV-1011 11 300V-750V 45A 220V 11 15
SCH-AX500-PV-1015 15 300V-750V 60A 220V 15 20
SCH-AX500-PV-21R5 1.5 300V-750V 9A 220V 1.5 2
SCH-AX500-PV-2002 2.2 300V-750V 13A 220V 2.2 3
SCH-AX500-PV-2004 4 300V-750V 17A 220V 3.7 5
SCH-AX500-PV-2005 5.5 300V-750V 25A 220V 5.5 7.5
SCH-AX500-PV-2007 7.5 300V-750V 32A 220V 7.5 10
SCH-AX500-PV-2011 11 300V-750V 45A 220V 11 15
SCH-AX500-PV-2015 15 300V-750V 60A 220V 15 20
SCH-AX500-PV-41R5 1.5 540V-750V 3.7A 400V 1.5 2
SCH-AX500-PV-4002 2.2 540V-750V 5.1A 400V 2.2 3
SCH-AX500-PV-4004 4 540V-750V 9A 400V 3.7 5 dc ac solar pump inverter
SCH-AX500-PV-4005 5.5 540V-750V 13A 400V 5.5 7.5
SCH-AX500-PV-4007 7.5 540V-750V 17A 400V 7.5 10
SCH-AX500-PV-4011 11 540V-750V 25A 400V 11 15
SCH-AX500-PV-4015 15 540V-750V 32A 400V 15 20
SCH-AX500-PV-4018 18.5 540V-750V 38A 400V 18.5 25
SCH-AX500-PV-4022 22 540V-750V 45A 400V 22 30
SCH-AX500-PV-4030 30 540V-750V 60A 400V 30 40
SCH-AX500-PV-4037 37 540V-750V 75A 400V 37 50
SCH-AX500-PV-4045 45 540V-750V 90A 400V 45 60
SCH-AX500-PV-4055 55 540V-750V 110A 400V 55 75
SCH-AX500-PV-4075 75 540V-750V 150A 400V 75 100
SCH-AX500-PV-4090 90 540V-750V 176A 400V 90 125
SCH-AX500-PV-4110 110 540V-750V 210A 400V 110 150
SCH-AX500-PV-4132 132 540V-750V 250A 400V 132 175
SCH-AX500-PV-4160 160 540V-750V 300A 400V 160 210
SCH-AX500-PV-4185 185 540V-750V 340A 400V 185 250
SCH-AX500-PV-4200 200 540V-750V 380A 400V 200 260
SCH-AX500-PV-4220 220 540V-750V 420A 400V 220 300
SCH-AX500-PV-4250 250 540V-750V 470A 400V 250 350

MAX500-PV Solar pump inverter Application


Can you produce according to the samples or drawings?

Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.


What is the lead time?

For standard models, lead time is about 3~5 days after order confirmed and payment received.

For OEM orders, the delivery is about 2~3 weeks after data confirmed and payment received.


How to solve the quality problems after sales?

Take photos or videos of the problems and send to us.

We will make a satisfied solution for you within 24 hours after we confirm the problems.


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SCH-AX500-PV Solar pump inverter
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