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  • LT4ⅠSeries
    SCH-LT4ⅠSeries Time Relay
    (1) Power on time limit relay, press key to set any time limit value and multipledx time value. (2) lt reciprocally and circularly limits the working time, and also limits for one time. (3) Bicolor and high bright digitron display(Digit height is 0.36 inch),user can operate according to different cue tone. (4) Power on to set the action mode of inner relay(action mode state of four kids of relays),it can replace various time relays in the market .One LT4I is equivalent to four pieces of time relays. (5) lndustrial grade chip is built inside. Taking high accuuracy crystal as clock source,signal input adopts photoelectic coupiing.The product has characteristics of strong anti-interference capability and high delay accuracy,and is applied and is applied industrial control occasions. (6) DIN (48mm x 48mm) standard panel dimension, connection mode of connecting terminals that without additional base, which is convenient for user to wire. Lnsulation resistance between connecting terminals highly up to 500MΩ. (7) With wide applicable range for working power ,85~165VAC/DC free input. 

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