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  • SCH-6RK250GU
    Schwahr 200/250W Right Angle Reduction Motor
    ♦Motor internal structure:Low operating temperature, long life, low noise and slight vibration. Stepless speed regulation, forward and reverse rotation ♦All copper coil:It adopts H-class (180℃) insulated enameled wire to withstand high temperatures, has a large safety margin and has a lifespan 10 times that of ordinary coils. ♦Seiko stator:The low-loss silicon steel sheet is precisely stamped in one piece, and ball bearings are installed at both ends. The friction is small, the temperature generated by friction is low, and the service life is long. ♦Precision gears:The accuracy is as high as IT5-6, wear-resistant cloth chipping, molybdenum-containing high-grade alloy steel spiral gear full ball bearing, fast start-up, high-quality nano grease, no need for refueling and maintenance.

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