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  • E2100 Series inverter
    SCH2100 Frequency inverter
    ♦SENSORLESS VECTOR, CLV and permanent magnet synchronous motor control PMSM ♦Intelligent AUTOTUNING functions for easy setup ♦Compact in size, modular in concept, rugged construction, build for the worldwide market ♦Flexible inverter control, dual high resolution analogue inputs, free mapping for all I/O channels ♦Ready for all commonly used fieldbus systems ♦Universal parameter-set for all kind of industrial and residential applications, including integrated ♦PID/ controller routines ♦Smart PC-tools for inverter control, parametrization and troubleshooting ♦Parameter-duplication stick ♦EMC fi lter(C3 class) integrated.optional C1 footprint fi lter. ♦Approved and certified for worldwide standards, by independent bodies.

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