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  • Digital Thermometer Laboratory
    SCH-T3000 Standard digital thermometer
    ♦1mK temperature resolution, 0.1mΩ/0.1μV electrical measurement resolution, meeting various test requirements  ♦AC drive measurement technology, eliminating the influence of thermoelectric potential EMF, ensuring accurate measurement  Rich data display functions, supporting maximum, minimum, and average , Trend display l Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which can be charged with universal USB TYPE-C data ♦Data recording function, the data recording file (.CSV) can be exported through a data cable connected to the computer  ♦Built-in user correction program, with standard constant temperature environment can be used on-site Fine-tuning ♦All-aluminum alloy metal shell anti-interference, rotating shaft probe structure, the display screen can rotate horizontally or vertically l Temperature units can be freely switched between ℃, ℉ and K

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