Application of safety switches and emergency stop switches in production lines

May 26, 2021

In recent years, the CNC machine tool industry has faced the serious issue of "shortage of skilled workers." In this regard, in order to provide solutions that make extensive use of cutting-edge technological tools such as robots, AI, and IoT, it is necessary to promote comprehensive innovation around the three pillars of automation, digitalization, and multifunctionality.

SCHWAHR's interlocking devices for safety-critical components of CNC machine tools fully comply with the requirements of international safety standards. The products are fully equipped with the firmness and durability required by the use environment of CNC machine tools. In addition, in line with the automation trend of CNC machine tool peripheral equipment, we provide safety switches, emergency stop switches, safety relay modules, safety laser scanners and other products that meet new needs to promote the safety of CNC machine tools.

Emergency switch applications

For example, in the food and packaging machinery industry, we need to pay attention to the trends of the food industry as users. While striving to cut costs, improve efficiency, and save manpower, we are also constantly promoting technological innovation to ensure food safety and hygiene. In order to not only adhere to the basic principle of "food safety and security", but also explore new business opportunities in the food field and meet diversified consumer needs, SCHWAHR will grasp the market trend and provide high value-added and high-reliability product lines.

We provide a variety of products for food and packaging machinery that comply with international mechanical safety standards in ISO/IEC specifications, such as various high-quality sensors including temperature and humidity sensors, PLC controllers and HMIs, as well as various safety switch products, etc. Offering a variety of products that help improve production efficiency and safety.

Sensor Applications

SCHWAHR’s safety engineers can assist you in finding safety equipment that meets your specific application needs, please click the button on the right to contact us!

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