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  • Compact  Radar Level Meter Sensor
    SCH-RLM Compact Radar Level Transmitter
    ♦Based on the self-developed CMOS millimeter wave RF chip, a more compact RF architecture, a higher signal-to-noise ratio, and a smaller blind zone are realized. ♦5GHz working bandwidth means higher measurement resolution and accuracy. ♦3°antenna beam angle, so the interference in the environment has less impact on the instrument, and the installation is more convenient. ♦Shorter wavelength yields good reflection properties on sloped solids, so aiming towards material angle of repose is usually not necessary. ♦Support remote debugging and remote upgrading to reduce the cost of field personnel. ♦Non-contact radar, wear-resistant and no pollution. ♦A variety of output circuit interfaces and acquisition system. ♦The integrated anti-corrosion cover structure effectively prevents the corrosive medium from coming into contact with the probe and has excellent anti-corrosion performance.

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