• Things to note when choosing a fuel tank level sensor Dec 22, 2023
    Things to note when choosing a fuel tank level sensor If you are a tank truck driver, how do you know the amount of oil in the tank of your tank truck? In response to this situation, the tank level sensor is currently one of the widely used means to detect and measure the filling level of the tank. Installation, leakage, oil level, oil temperature, air lock, etc.Since oil tanks always contain hazardous liquids such as gasoline or diesel, safety must be considered of paramount importance.There are many aspects to pay attention to. Several aspects that should be considered when choosing a fuel tank level sensor. The fuel tank level  sensor is made of new high-alloyed stainless steel, has explosion-proof functions, and can be safely used in oil tanks.Most cables on the market are specially made blue, which represents their explosion-proof performance and distinguishes them from non-explosion-proof cables that usually use black cables.Teflon cable is recommended to prevent corrosion and friction that could lead to explosions.Sensor housings are generally made of stainless steel (304SS or 316SS) because they will not corrode or react in such liquids. Make sure that the fuel tank level sensor is all welded and sealed to ensure the safety of oil measurement.In addition, remote monitoring of oil tank level sensors is best able to provide highly accurate readings and convenient operation, because oil tanks need to be continuously monitored, so oil tank level can be monitored remotely, tracking inventory, field issues, and based on actual oil volume Automatically tracks oil injection rate.

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