• Robot experiment guide Dec 01, 2022
    The manipulator is a multifunctional machine that can be automatically controlled and can be reprogrammed to change. It has multiple degrees of freedom. The manipulator of this project mainly adopts servo control, and three servo motors are respectively controlled by X \ Y \ Z triaxis servo driver to realize one-axis motion control, two-axis arc, linear straight insertion control, three-axis three-dimensional linkage control, and also realize the same speed motion control with synchronous belt. The manipulator training room can train the students to control the complex movements with the industrial network connection of the touch screen, servo, frequency converter and other controllers. This training equipment provides an advanced and good learning and practice equipment for students in mechatronics, electrical and other related majors. Provide a good curriculum design and practical training base for major-related departments and departments, create a professional scientific research platform for teachers, and an important medium for school-enterprise communication and cooperation. The majors involved in this training equipment include (1) Realize functions such as servo single-axis drive and servo three-axis linkage drive. Can teach courses such as "Robot Drive Technology" and "Servo Principles and Applications". (2) Realize the multi-speed, analog, tension adjustment and other functions of the frequency converter. Can teach courses such as "Principles of Frequency Converters and Their Applications". (3) "Electromechanical Equipment Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance", "Electromechanical Transmission and Control", "Electrical Control and PLC", "Computer Control System", "Pneumatic Control Technology", etc.

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