• What key technologies do industrial robots contain? May 10, 2024
    Industrial robots(Especially SCARA four-axis robot robots and 6 Axis Robot,for example SCH-AR4215 4-axis Industrial/ Robot SCH-SD700 6 Axis Industrial Robot ) are important automation equipment in modern manufacturing that integrate multi-disciplinary advanced technologies such as machinery, electronics, control, computers, sensors and artificial intelligence. The widespread use of industrial robots can not only improve product quality and output, but also have great significance in ensuring personal safety, improving the working environment, reducing labor intensity, improving labor productivity, saving raw material consumption and reducing production costs. Industrial robot welding technology Key technologies of industrial robots include: 1. Open modular control system architecture: using a distributed CPU computer structure, divided into robot control motion controller, photoelectric isolation control board, sensor processing board and programming teaching box, etc. 2. Modular and hierarchical controller software system: The software system is built on a real-time multi-task operating system based on open source, and adopts a layered and modular structure design to achieve the openness of the software system. The entire controller software system is divided into three levels: hardware driver layer, core layer and application layer. 3. Robot fault diagnosis and safety maintenance technology: Diagnosing robot faults through various information and performing corresponding maintenance is a key technology to ensure the safety of robots. 4. Networked robot controller technology: Currently, robot application projects are developing from single robot workstations to robot production lines, and the networking technology of robot controllers is becoming more and more important. The controller has serial port, fieldbus and Ethernet networking functions. It can be used for communication between robot controllers and between the robot controller and the host computer to facilitate monitoring, diagnosis and management of the robot production line. The main task of industrial robot control technology is to control the movement position, attitude and trajectory, operation sequence and action time of industrial robots in the work space. It has the characteristics of simple programming, software menu operation, friendly human-computer interaction interface, online operation prompts and ease of use. Like computers and network technologies, the widespread application of industrial robots is increasingly changing human production and lifestyle. If you want to know more about industrial robots, please continue to pay attention to the updated information of our website.!sales@schwahrtechnology.com

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