• Analyze the role of pressure sensors in the use of air compressors Dec 22, 2023
    The role of pressure sensor in the use of air compressor With the continuous advancement of technology, air compressor operation has become inseparable from the assistance of pressure sensors.The purpose is to make the air compressor operate more stably and safely in industrial production.So how does the pressure sensor work during the operation of the air compressor? The air compressor pressure sensor is the core component for measuring pressure. Taking a chemical plant as an example, because some pneumatic valves and pneumatic instruments require instrument air, and some production links require process air for mixing and mixing, an air compressor is essential. few.In the normal operation of a screw air compressor, there are several processes: suction, sealing, transportation, compression, and exhaust.  During the transportation process, oil and gas are compressed, and the oil-gas mixture with higher pressure is discharged.By installing a pressure sensor on the rear air outlet pipe, the compressed air pressure can be controlled.When the pressure reaches the upper

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