• Sensor production process Mar 29, 2021
    What procedures does each qualified sensor go through before being delivered to customers? Raw material preparation: The raw materials for sensor production include sensing components, circuit boards, casings, cables, etc. The sensing element is the core component of the sensor and is usually made of metal, ceramics, semiconductor materials, etc. The circuit board is the control center of the sensor and is usually made of fiberglass, epoxy resin, etc. The casing is used to protect the internal components of the sensor and is usually made of plastic, metal and other materials. Cables are the medium for communication between sensors and other devices, and are usually made of conductive materials such as copper wires. Processing and manufacturing: The manufacturing process of sensors requires multiple processes, including cutting, drilling, milling, turning, etc. These processes need to be completed with the help of machine tools and other tools. After each component is processed, it needs to undergo surface treatment processes such as grinding and polishing. Assembly: Assembling the sensor (Level sensor, Pressure Sensor, Magnetic/Proximity/Photoelectric Switch Sensor) requires precise coordination and combination of various components. Common assembly methods include dispensing, welding, screws, etc. After the assembly is completed, testing is required to ensure that all parameters of the sensor meet the requirements. Testing: The final test of the sensor needs to be carried out in combination with different measurement principles and application scenarios to ensure that its performance meets the requirements. Common testing methods include electrical performance testing, mechanical performance testing, environmental adaptability testing, etc.   Do you want to apply sensorics in any of your Projects? Contact us!sales@schwahrtechnology.com

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