• Development of digital temperature and humidity sensors Mar 14, 2023
    The global temperature sensor market is expanding rapidly and is expected to reach $8.8 billion by 2027, an increase of $2.5 billion compared to the current level. This growth is mainly due to the proliferation of applications that require accurate temperature measurement, such as sensors for control and monitoring in consumer electronics and industrial applications. For example: used to monitor high-density components in PCB design. In PCB design, heat dissipation issues usually have a serious impact on system performance. And, in a growing number of battery-powered solutions, precise temperature control is critical to ensuring a safe user experience.   In the past, digital temperature sensors were mainly widely used in consumer electronics such as smartphones and smart speakers. With the continuous innovation of technology and the emergence of a large number of new use cases such as predictive maintenance, autonomous machinery, process monitoring, equipment and robotics, and to meet the needs of accuracy, cost and industry standardization, digital temperature sensors are beginning to be used in industrial fields. And gradually replace traditional analog sensors. This shift is largely due to the development of Industry 4.0 and the proliferation of digital devices and components on the market today.   It is an inevitable trend for digital temperature sensors to be used in leading industries such as process automation, monitoring, medical and mobile applications. Our products are very suitable for industrial automation and home healthy living, such as our digital temperature and humidity recorder, which has a compact and portable design. screen, high measurement accuracy, built-in high-performance microprocessor, and a variety of probe options, superior performance, and long-term stable performance. And some of our digital temperature and humidity recorders can make full use of the established WIFI communication network to achieve data collection and transmission, achieving the purpose of centralized monitoring of temperature and humidity data. It can greatly reduce the construction volume and improve construction efficiency and maintenance costs. Schwahr Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier of automation solutions with sensors as the core. It is backed by many powerful factories and can provide all kinds of sensors and various automation solutions you need. If you are interested in digital temperature sensors, Feel free to contact us anytime.sales@schwahrtechnology.com

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